Juanambú classic excelso

Our classic product resembles our special Juanambú recipe of 100% Colombian coffee from the best coffee producing regions of the country that produce an exceptional cup of coffee. Our coffee has a unique appearance for their size and form. Juanambú Excelso has been processed by wet milling and a sun drying methods that guaranty the exquisite features of a mild Colombia coffee 

Juanambú Excelso green beans proceed from the farms to be specially threshed and then roasted in our plant, after being carefully selected by three different methods that ensure the high quality of our product

​Density selection: extraction of green coffee only

Colour selection: electronic machines extract beans that do not meet colour parameters of healthy green coffee

Size selection: this selects coffee bean according to a classification system based on cherry size. Coffee can be classified as: UGQ (Usual good quality), Special, Europa and Supreme

Juanambú Excelso comes in UGQ and Supreme categories. Europe and Special are not frequently used in out plant as they are middle range beans and are less desirable. Juanambú Excelso Supreme is a coffee retained by screen net No 17 and Juanambú Excelso UGQ retained by screen net No 14



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