Estate Coffees

Produced on a single estate or farm, from a single harvest, they have a single post harvesting process that allows for an outstanding quality product, consistent over time.


La Bonanza

Produced by Don Jose Felix Rosales Lopez Jr. at his farm La Bonanza, Arboleda-Berruecos, Nariño, Southwest Colombia. This coffee belongs to the varieties of Caturra and Castilla.

Juanambú La Bonanza grows at the height of 1570 meters above sea level. The changes of temperature between daytime and nigh time highlight the sweetness of the coffee and most fruit that grows there.

Juanambú La Bonanza grows on walnut tree, guayaba tree and orange trees shadow. This allows for the maturation of the cherries to be slow developing the complex sweet and citric characteristics of the product.  All fertilizers used for the crops are organic proceeding from other natural processes of the same farm. Juanambú La Bonanza is handpicked selected after being threshed by single mothers that head their households. This guaranties the better beans of the harvest to be on your cup.​


Santa Lucia

Over fifty years ago Don Jose Rosales Senior started a family tradition of coffee growers. This further inspired his younger generations to create Biocoffee, a sustainable, social and environmentally responsible company that brings the best of the Colombian coffee to your cup ​Juanambú Santa Lucia comes from Caturra and Castilla​

varieties. The farm is located in the town of, Arboleda-Berruecos, Nariño, Southwest Colombia at 1750 meters above the sea level. This coffee is characterized by a medium body, medium to high acidity, intense aroma and citric notes.
Juanambú Santa Lucia is handpicked selected after being threshed, guarantying the quality of the beans that further proceed to being roasted.

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