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Biocoffee is a Colombian company dedicated to coffee production, threshing and roasting. The company was founded in 1937 and since then it has been characterized by producing high quality coffee. At the time of its foundation it was dedicated to coffee growing in the northern part of Nariño department.​
Seven years ago we took on the challenge of complementing this activity by giving coffee the added value found in the processes of threshing and roasting. As a result Biocoffee CI Ltda was founded as a branch of the main family business. In order to comply with the highest quality requirements we use high-tech equipment and laboratories dedicated to the analysis of raw materials and finished products

Our purpose
We focus on offering high quality products with very competitive prices. Furthermore, developing long lasting business relationships with our clients and all stakeholders is at the core of our priorities. The aforementioned have become the foundations of our strong, reliable brand

What we believe in
Transparency, dedication, integrity, trust, reliability, leadership and most importantly passion for what we do are the principles upon which we have built Biocoffee

​Our strength
High knowledge of the coffee industry in all its stages, from planting coffee trees to enjoying a cup of the most delightful drinks
Well-equipped infrastructure and mechanisms, that allows all of our products to be processed under strict hygienic standards. High-tech machinery and instruments that ensure coffee to be properly and uniformly roasted and grinded, therefore retaining all coffee properties as well as its quality.
Careful and thoughtful design and printing have allowed us to present our customers with an excellent packing, differentiating ourselves from other brands.

CI Biocoffee Ltda. 2013

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